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A team of committed women

Passionate about our work and about creative hobbies in general, we are committed to developing products combining quality, aesthetics and ethics.

We are committed to creating a range of products to serve our customers.

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By creating Lolilafée in 2018, I above all wanted to offer modern, feminine and delicate knitting patterns.

A lover of soft, full colors, I struggled to find wools that met all my requirements.

I then began to develop Lolilafée yarns in 2021 in order to offer soft, resistant yarns in the colors of my world.

I am proud to offer today a wide range of products, without any compromise in quality and at fair prices.

Within the team, I take care of marketing and communication, but also product development and the creation of knitting patterns.


An experienced knitter, Elise started working at Lolilafée as a tech editor in 2019.

After almost 5 years of collaboration, she has become my true right-hand woman and now has varied missions such as technical editing, grading and translation of all our patterns, but also monitoring knitting tests and maintaining pattern after-sales service.

And yes, if you write to us at the support address, there is a good chance that it will be Elise who will answer you!
Her patience and her lynx eye make Elise an indispensable asset for Lolilafée.


The creative of the team!

Mélanie joined Lolilafée at the beginning of 2023 as a graphic designer. She imagines and creates the world of our collections with talent.

Thanks to her experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, Mélanie participates in the development of new products as well as the overall vision of Lolilafée.

Her fresh eye and talent make Mélanie an indispensable member of the team.