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Melba... sailor version!

Melba ... version marinière !

Winter is in full swing and nostalgia for seaside holidays is setting in... so we wanted to bring out our pretty sailor top!

At Lolilafée, it is a key piece of the wardrobe that cannot be put in the closet.

You probably already know our iconic Paris-Brest pattern, but did you know that several of our patterns are easy to transform into superb trendy and timeless striped tops?

As proof, we present to you Melba, a simple hammer-armhole sweater, which is adorned with stripes for the occasion.

You can find the basic pattern here or on Ravelry

NB: the Melba sweater is intended to be knitted in our base n°1 - fingering merino, held with base n°3 - mohair silk.

For this version, we wanted a true white, so we chose to use our base n°4 - cashmere cotton in Coco color.

This mainly vegetable yarn will also bring more lightness to the sweater, while remaining warm enough for mid-season in more temperate regions.

To obtain this result, nothing could be simpler than following the following instructions:

  • Knit the sweater following the initial pattern up to and including the separation of the body and sleeves
  • Knit 8 rows in the main color (the one with which you knit the entire top of the sweater, here it is Coco for base no. 4 and Ecru for base no. 3)
  • Then add the contrasting color of your choice (we opted for Nuit in base n°1 and n°3) and knit 2 rows with it
  • Take the main color and knit 8 rows
  • Continue to knit the body, alternating 2 rows of contrasting colors and 8 rows of main colors, until you have 6 contrasting stripes, or the number of your choice!
  • Repeat the same operation on the sleeves.

Let yourself grow wings and use scraps of several colors for your stripes, this will give an even more modern and unique side to your sailor top 😉

Happy knitting and see you soon!


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bonjour quand on clique le lien patron de base “ici” du modèle pull melba, on a un resultat Page non trouvée

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